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Dog's Gleeful Reaction to Running Free on a Beach Is Full of Pure Joy

Taking your dog off leash can be full of so many emotions; fear, excitement, and definitely joy. That's why so many people were positively thrilled after watching video of a Black Labrador named Gary realize that he was free to explore the beach all by himself. His happiness is absolutely contagious. 

Gary's owner (@garygarythedog) must've been waiting for this moment, because Gary's reaction is too good. At first it seemed like Gary wasn't aware that the world is his oyster, but then — pure bliss. "I captured the moment that Gary realized he could run free," the video's text overlay reads. Hilariously, the video is set to "Freedom" by George Michael — which is absolutely *chef's kiss.* Take a look for yourself!

He's just so happy. His leaps and bounds are beyond cute. "Gary loves himself an explore," the video's caption states. 

With over 140,000 views, it seems like we weren't the only ones rejoicing for Gary. "Absolutely wonderful!! I wish I could do that with my Black Lab," @chevygirl13 wrote in the comments section. "Nothing more fun to watch than a happy dog," @sandbyme added. "Oh my gosh he is so happy when he realizes it," @chillininthemitten gushed. "If this doesn’t give you good vibes and happiness, I just don’t know what will. Love it!!!" @user8735046341248 exclaimed. 

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Just to proves that Gary really does live the life, another video on his page shows him relaxing while at sea. The footage shows Gary laying on the ground of the boat, wrapped in a wet towel to keep him cool while he naps. 

Okay, now we're definitely jealous.

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