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Video of Labrador Trying to Sneak His Favorite Toy on a Road Trip Is Just Priceless

If you've been looking forward to a big summer trip then you've probably been revising your packing list for weeks. It can be hard to keep things light! But one dog on TikTok wasn't going to make it easy for his humans. The Black Lab was caught trying to sneak his favorite toy into the car before his humans took him on vacation. And TBH, we don't know if we could ever deny that adorable face. 

According to a video on the pup's page @thelabraseal, all Denzel's humans wanted was to take their trip. But the pooch definitely had other plans. "This week I am going adventuring in Scotland," the video's text overlay reads. "Dad says no but I am a sneaky boy. Quick while no one is looking," it continues. It's the fact that Denzel is trying to sneak a huge stuffy into the car that has us cracking up. Take a look!

"It's just one I don't think anyone will notice," it states. "The great dinosaur heist!" the caption reads. 

With over 1 million views, people were definitely tickled by Denzel's tricky maneuvers. "Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for Denzel," @_elaina_h joked in the comments section. "I saw nothing bud, I think you’re in the clear," teased. "I don’t blame you Denzel! That’s a cool Dino," @allthatpinkdisneymagicx wrote. "This toy is so small - no one will notice," @nadine_gra1 quipped. 

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To us it looks like Denzel might've just gotten away with it. After all, everyone needs a pal for the long car ride. And this good boy totally deserves a treat!

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