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Video of Excited Labrador Going Out to Visit His Duck Friends in the Rain Is Full of Joy

We simply can't get over a video on TikTok, which shows how excited one Chocolate Lab was to go outside in the rain. It wasn't because little Ollie wanted to jump in some puddles — it was because of his favorite group of ducks. You read that right! Check out how excited he was in the video below. 

The adorable story was shared on Ollie's TikTok page @good.boy.ollie, where it's gone totally viral. "Oh goody it's raining," the video's text overlay reads. 

"Do you know who loves the rain? My ducks," the video's overlay reads. The footage then shows Ollie getting ready to go outside — rain jacket and bag full of duck food included. "I'm getting a bit soggy," it continues. But then — success! Ollie found his ducks. "My little pals," the text overlay states. 

The video has since been watched over 17.8 million times and people were so impressed. "This brings me so much peace. I love watching him. And that voice fits him perfectly," @brittniphipps wrote in the comments section. "My dog could literally NEVER. What a good puppy," @antistatic1 added. "Please tell him I said he's a very gooood boy, sooooo cute," @.unkn0wn.user.x chimed in. "Good boy Ollie. Most Labradors would not be able stand and watch," @cookiesbourdeau pointed out.

Later in the caption, Ollie's owner joked that this was "His favorite quack-tivity." Too cute!

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