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Video of Labrador Anxiously 'Counting the Minutes' Until Dinner Is Too Cute

Eagerly awaiting dinner is natural for humans and animals. Some dogs have even been able to 'tell time' so they know when dinner is supposed to be. They likely can't read a clock, but other daily indicators, such as a school bus driving by the house or mom coming home from work can serve as indicators that dinner time is very soon. One pup knew when she was very close to dinner time and could barely contain her excitement.

TikTok user @bellalab20 recently shared a video of her black Labrador Retriever, Bella, sitting next to her mom and staring very intensely at her. The text on the video reads, "When it's 3:57 pm and you eat dinner at 4," indicating that Bella was waiting for her mom to get up and feed her! Check out the video to see what cute faces Bella is making to try and convince her mom to feed her quicker.

OMG, this pup is adorable! We can't blame her for anxiously waiting for dinner because we feel the same way before we eat too!

People in the comments praised Bella for being so smart. @tbird39 said, "A lab belly always knows what time it is," and @kajeah commented, "Dogs have amazing internal clocks. Beautiful." It's very impressive that these pups are able to know their daily schedule so well!

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Others found Bella's behavior very familiar to their own pets! @camerocar commented, "I see that look every single day, starting 30 minutes before meal time!" and @chrismd421 said, "Omg my chocolate Lab does the same thing. He looks right into your soul 27 minutes prior to dinner time." Labs are known for being big eaters and motivated by food, so it's no surprise they pay such close attention to when their next meal will be!

This pup was relentless in her staring at Mom. Waiting those three extra minutes must have been excruciating for Bella, but we're glad she was able to power through it.

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