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Video of Labradors Chillin' in Floats on the Lake Is the Kind of Content We're Here For

It's the middle of the summer and across the United States, temperatures have been unbearably hot. It's times like these when everyone is looking for the best way to cool off and beat the heat. These two pups found the best solution with a flawless execution that is sure to make us all jealous.

In the video posted on TikTok by @labradorbros, these cool Labradors, Rocky and Bear, are beating the heat by laying on floats in the middle of the lake. These two are giving us some major beach bum vibes by relaxing and enjoying the cool water and gentle rocking of the water. It seems like everything has gone according to plan, and they know they're living the good life! See all the adorableness for yourselves.

Rocky and Bear are so lucky that they get to lounge around and cool down! This looks like the perfect way to unwind after a long, hot day. Too cute!

Many people in the comments of the video are praising their owner for spoiling these pups, and we are all glad they're getting to live lavishly. @ilovemyfido said, "These two are adorable. Great to see them get spoiled," and @britgirl85 commented, "Living their best lives! So cute." We agree! All dog owners should be spoiling their pups like Rocky and Bear's family are!

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Another person in the comments noted the music in the video is the theme song for the popular television show, Outer Banks. @thmandvlorian called the two pups "John B. and JJ" in reference to two characters who are beach bum best friends on the show. We definitely see the resemblance!

These two pups are living the dream, and they couldn't be happier!

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