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World's Largest Corgi Gathering in California Makes Us Want to Join

We're so thankful that TikTok user @madmax_fluffyroad let us in on a big secret. Ok, so maybe it's not that big of a secret, but it's our first time hearing about it. So to say we're mind blown is an understatement. As it turns out, there's a corgi gathering at a California beach every year. Sorry, not just a gathering. It's actually the world's largest gathering of corgis! Yes, you read that right. A full-on corgi party! LOL!

This year's event in SoCal is quickly approaching so there's still a chance you can join in on the fun. Thousands of people gather to this SoCal beach every year, along with their corgis for a day filled with fluffiness, costume contests and more. We can only imagine it's the best day of the entire year. And you'll be agreeing as soon as you watch highlights from previous years. One look at this video and you'll be dropping everything to plan your trip to this event.

O.M.G. We can't believe this is a real event! Over 1,500 corgis attended last year. What?! That's absolutely incredible. We'd make it a mission to hug every single one. LOL! "I honestly might just fly out there JUST for this 😍😍‼️‼️🤣🤣," commented @Cody Climer. Oh, you're definitely not the only one! 

"Please make this a yearly thing until I get my corgi 😭," said @claudiaelenariveronrr. Fret not! Anyone can attend this amazing gathering, even if you don't have a corgi. The only requirement to go is that you're a corgi lover, which we imagine almost everyone is! 

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Another TikTok user, @skygaltara, wrote, "This looks like a beautiful dream." Right?! The good news is that you never have to wake up from the dream because this is a very real event! So mark your calendars. October 29th! 

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