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Woman Swears She Caught Video of Her Late Dog's Ghost Coming to Visit Her

Losing a pet can flip your entire world upside down, but there are moments of remembrance and healing that can mend even the most broken hearts. We have a feeling that this moment is one of those. @Creativesoulassassin caught a glimpse of what appears to be her late dog's ghost on her home cameras, and TikTok is impressed. 

Give the clip a watch before deciding what you think, because the details are hard to deny. Whatever this camera captured, it certainly seems to be meaningful to @creativesoulassassin--and that's what's most important.

Wow. This one is pretty hard to explain, but when we saw what looked like a face on that orb of light, we started to believe. That totally looks like Mush stopping by to visit! 

"That is the sweetest thing ever!" gushed commenter @mikestarner99. "My girl died in August and I miss her so much, I dream of her but I'd love to see her spirit." We hope you get to experience that one day! Until then, though, remember what @creativesoulassassin replied: "When you dream of her, it's because she is visiting you. Same with loved ones." How precious is that?

It's so meaningful to see how this paranormal appearance has been comforting to several commenters who are missing pets of their own. @Karrynransom shared, "my sweet dog died today. Your video is exactly what I needed to see. He will never leave my side." That's so true--he will always be with you!

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