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Mom's Late-Night Run to Get Her Dog a 'Pup Patty' From 'In-N-Out Burger' Is Just the Best

Oh boy, do we know food cravings all too well and we're sure you do too. You'll be sitting at home, watching your favorite show when you get a hankering for pizza or ice cream or breakfast pancakes. It doesn't matter, the cravings are far and wide. If it gets bad enough, you might order on DoorDash or even drive yourself to the grocery store. Problem solved! But what about our pets? Do they get cravings? 

TikTok user @jenni.riccetti's dog proved to us that yes, animals do in fact have cravings. The creator started to explain how she shares an apartment with her brother and sister-in-law who live upstairs. Her pregnant sister-in-law was craving In-N-Out one night and ended up ordering it. But the TikToker didn't know that until her dog waited outside their door, begging for it. LOL! So being the good dog mom she is, she decided to treat her dog to a late-night treat to fill that craving. Sounds like she'll be getting the #1 mom award this year! 

LMAO! She acts like doing this for her doggo is a bad thing when in fact, it's the greatest thing a parent could do! And talk about a well-behaved good boy! He was patiently waiting in the car and ate it so gently. Our dogs could never. LOL! 

"I'm shocked he waited til you got home. My guy would have demanded to eat it in the car," said @lblynn06. Heck, we don't even have the patience to save our fast food until we get home. LOL! This dog has more discipline than us! "His eyes at the end omg!! 😂," wrote @michelle_pignataro. Those eyes make it all worth it! 

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Another TikTok user, @overloadedhearts, said, "I love these kinds of dog moms❤️ Your furbaby is adorable 🧡." Aren't they the best?! We aspire to be like this TikToker!

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