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Video of Man’s ‘Latina Mom’ Parrot Has People Totally Cracking Up

You never really know what your pets are paying attention to. But whether you like it or not, your pets are always picking up your little habits or quirks. The internet is totally laughing at a parrot on TikTok, who really reminded his owner of his mama. And when you see the footage, it's pretty darn convincing. 

The footage was shared by TikTok creator @jhono.official, who must've noticed that his parrot Bruno wasn't like other birds. "Having a Latina mom as a parrot be like," he wrote in the video's onscreen caption. Speaking in Spanish, Bruno tells @jhono.official that he needs to shower and take a look at what happens when Bruno sees the TikToker's messy room. Too funny! But of course, as a busy mom-type, Bruno does need to take breaks. "I'm going to rest and I'll still be able to wash clothes," Bruno tells him. Sigh, a mom's work is never done.

With over 1 million views, it seems like other people are loving mama-Bruno. "The way he looks in your room and screams," @legendofnewhorizons joked. "So he just memorizes your mom's phone calls? lololol" @cwgumby teased. “'You’ve never washed anything because you take everything' I’m screaming," @pancakepan678 added. "It’s the aggressive AHHHH for me," @msknuth added. 

Although one commenter was just impressed by how much Bruno had taken in. "Bro, most birds I’ve seen say a few words. This bird is speaking in full out sentences. They don’t all make sense but still lol," @sempergumby6 wrote. 

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Fortunately for the Bruno, his owner seems to have a good sense of humor about his "mothering." Now here's hoping the TikToker cleans his room soon, so Bruno can finally get his rest!

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