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Woman's Trick for Distracting Dog When She Leaves Is As Good As It Gets

Many of us probably have anxious pets who hate when we have to leave without them. It's not their fault though. They got accustomed to us being at home 24/7 with quarantining or working from home. So it's no surprise they get anxious without us. If this is the case with you and your dog, check out this trick from TikTok user @sam_d0ll that might help if you have to go out.

Like us, her dog is very attached. Any time she gets ready to leave the house, her dog gets very anxious and paces around the house. So to help distract her dog she grabs a tea towel and sprinkles it with kibble and cheese. She folds it all up, gets herself ready and then throws the towel. The result is absolutely brilliant!

We're going to be trying this immediately! It's seriously such a smart idea to keep your pet engaged and entertained while you're out. Plus, they can't be upset when you leave them with treats. LOL! But please do be careful with this idea. You have to be sure your dog won't eat the towel too.

Turns out this TikToker isn't the first person to have this idea. Several other users commented on what they usually do to distract their doggos. @LacyLaplant wrote, "I just throw a bunch of baby carrots all over the house😂." Smart and healthy! @achs_3 added, "We make a “treat buffet” (handful of treats) and throw it in the opposite direction and run out." HA! We love that! 

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We also can't stop laughing at how she bolted for the door as soon as she threw the towel. "Same thing here...always have my keys/purse/shoes/ and run out like the house is on fire," said @mjkeay. LOL! We totally understand. You wouldn't want your dog to catch on to you leaving. We can't wait to see if this towel treat trick works!

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