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Importance of Letting Dogs Sniff on Walks Shouldn't Be Underestimated

Just about all dogs love going on walks. They are a great source of exercise and they give the pup an opportunity to explore outside of your property. However, some dog owners make the mistake of hurrying their pups along while walking, and one person is spreading a reminder to slow down and let your dog smell the roses.

TikTok user @nikkivasconez is a pet coach, and she recently shared a video reminding viewers to let their dogs sniff as much as they want when they are outside. In the video, she lists six reasons why it is mentally and physically beneficial for you and your dog to let them sniff on walks. Check out the video to see all of these reasons, and take her reminder to heart!

Yes, this is such a great message to be spreading! It's so important to let your dogs enjoy their time outside how they want. If your pup wants to sniff on their walk, then let them. It's clearly great for the dogs, and as dog parents, all we want is the best for our pups!

People in the comments are loving this reminder! @jessica.mcclanahan said, "I’m walking Daisy right now and was rushing her, thanks for the reminder!" and @user7959191 commented, "100% agree! My boy is so much happier when I let him sniff for as long as he wants to." This shows how important sniffing time is for our pups!

Others shared anecdotes from when their pups were allowed to walk at their own pace. @carelessgypsy commented, "I've recently let our pup sniff whenever and his behavior has improved so much. I slowed down on tugging and he seems more relaxed on our walk!" Another user, @caressel, said, "Always, but I have to draw the line or we’d still be finishing tonight’s walk in 2 years." Sometimes, our pups need a little reminder to keep walking once they've sniffed the same spot for ten minutes!

We are so happy this TikTok user is spreading the message about the importance of sniffing. We would never want our sweet pups to think they aren't being given enough time to enjoy their walks!

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