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Lily Collins' Dog Is the Picture of Zen in Sweet New Photos

Many people are turning to meditation and yoga as a new form of physical and mental exercise, even though it has been around forever. People are wanting to find their zen space, especially given the craziness of the world today. Yoga is very common these days, but have you ever seen a dog get involved with the exercise? Just wait until you see Lily Collins's dog, and you'll be signing your dog up next!   

Collins posted an Instagram on Monday of her husband Charlie McDowell holding up little Redford with the caption, "Morning stretch and deep meditation for these guys…" The pictures have over over 277K likes. You see McDowell on the ground with his legs up in the air. Redford has his back leaning up against McDowell's legs. The two of them are looking at the camera as if they do this yoga pose daily! It's in the second picture that Redford really has found enlightenment! 

Redford has us all wanting to tap into meditation and yoga! How does he make it look so easy?! "What a Zen mode!🧘‍♀️😂," commented @evajohanss.n and @lilyshmkv added, "A wise man 😂🔥." 

"Redford is in the zone!" said @audreypurcell77. He truly has found his meditation spot! Let's hope they didn't disturb him until he was ready! It makes us wonder if there is more to Redford than meets the eye. "Im pretty sure there is a human inside your dog!" said @greeneyedwonderbug. 

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We can't get enough of these yoga team and our questions are endless! Is this a daily morning routine for them? How long does Redford stay in this meditation state? And above all else, how can we be more like Redford?!

Redford actually has his own Instagram account, @redforddog. From his pictures, it looks like he is constantly in a state of peace. 

He is always lounging around the house and sun bathing. Hey, we could use some of that R&R!

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