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Lindsey's Vonn's Updates on New Dog Jade Are Giving Us All the Feels

A few weeks ago, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alum, Lindsey Vonn, announced that she has a new member of her family! A gorgeous Belgian Malinoi named Jade joined the pack as a loyal protector dog, and from the looks of it, Jade couldn't be happier in her new home.

Lindsey shared a few new photos on Instagram of herself with the pup, and let's just say it looks like Jade is exactly where she belongs! From the looks of it, Jade is loving her new mama to pieces, and she's settled right in as a member of the pack! Although, judging from this photo, we're wondering if maybe she's keeping mom up at night?

Aww! Maybe Lindsey just had a restless night and the pup slept just fine. And if not? Something tells us she doesn't mind the extra snuggles. And check out this cute video of Jade giving Lindsey some extra encouragement and motivation during a workout.

What a great little assistant she is! It really does look like she wants to be with mom at all times. Two peas in a pod! Of course, Lindsey and Jade are squeezing in some much-needed R&R as well.

Man. It's a really "ruff" life when you're Lindsey Vonn's dog. LOL. Side note: we're loving the yellow swimsuit. So bright and cherry! Be sure to check out the new 2022 edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, which hits news stands this spring!