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Video of Toddler’s Loving Reaction to a Little Fawn Is Just So Beautiful

Seeing your kids become an animal lover is the purest feeling of joy a parent can have. Sometimes your kids take your cue, they see how much you love animals and they follow suit. Other times it happens by accident. Just like it did for a little boy online who completely fell for a baby deer while out at a farm. Pure magic, we tell you. 

The little one was clearly taken by the fawn, and now footage of the two having a moment has attracted almost 700,000 views on TikTok. The boy's mama, Jesse Ramirez (@jesseramirez1214), recorded her son leaning in to give the baby deer a big old kiss. At one point, the toddler even pulls the fawn in for another smooch, but the deer was maybe not so ready to get that up close and personal.

Are you crying? Because we're definitely holding back a tear or two watching these two connect. And apparently we weren't alone. "Man, I hope you got a photo of that! So precious!" @wintersli wrote. "This is the best video I’ve seen all day," @glennburch1 added. "Beautiful memories, he’s adorable," @dorothysetty chimed in. "Cuteness overload," @nancylaughs praised. 

A second video of the little one feeding the deer a snack is your daily double dose of cuteness. We think these two might just be BFFs for life.

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"Little man is an animal lover," @randyholland4 wrote. And yep, we'd have to agree.

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