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Video of Little Boy Sweetly Giving 'Nose Kisses' to His Horse Is a Gift

If you've ever spent the time building a bond with an animal, you know just how rewarding it can be. The laughter and companionship you give one another are unmatched in value, but just imagine how special it could be to watch your children have the very same experience. 

One farm mama--the TikTok user behind @maple_nala--gets to watch this happen before her very eyes. Though her toddler-age son is often active on the farm (and on her account), one special moment is gaining extra attention online: it's a sweet exchange between her son and the family's horse, Maple, who loves the little boy just as much as he loves her. 

What a gorgeous, gentle horse! There's no doubt in our minds that Maple knows and loves this little boy. It's like she has an eye on him wherever he is! 

"She loves that little human so much 🥰," @badinfluence.x agrees. He hugged her and kissed her several times, but, unlike some horses,  she didn't mind one bit! To be fair, though, it would be difficult not to crack a smile with this sweet boy around. Commenters agree!

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"The click kisses are so cute," said @melissa7o. "Bless them both 🥰." Seriously, though--we can't get over the kisses! He was so gentle with the horse as he gave her affection, and that likely made her so much more comfortable, too. Kudos to his mama for showing him how to safely interact with animals!

Whatever is next in store for this adorable farm family, we're so glad they made a TikTok to keep us all posted. We all need a little cuteness on our screens sometimes--just like this!  

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