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Little Boy's Sweet Way of Referring to His Chickens Is Simply Irresistible

TikTok user @melissacoleman15 is raising one heck of a gentleman. His name is Maverick and he is already capturing our hearts. First of all, Maverick has a way with his words. But also, the way he takes care of the animals, we believe, is the way he treats everyone. He's truly an old soul. 

In one of her recent videos, she filmed Maverick talking about the family's chickens and roosters. Apparently, the rooster wasn't treating the chickens right and he wanted to do something about it. So he transported the rooster to a different area, which is so sweet. But the way he was talking about the chickens is what really is stealing hearts left and right! 

Aww! Such a sweet boy and what a gentle soul. He's making sure everyone is cared for by separating the rooster from the chickens. Oh sorry, we mean "his girls." We can't get over how he calls the chickens "my girls." SO cute and irresistible! 

"Awwwwww he was saving his girls," said @itssss_katee21. He just wants everyone to get along. That's what we call raising a kid right! "No one messes with Maverick's girls 😁," wrote @Terra Marcoux Smith. We'll make a mental note about that. Definitely don't want to get on Maverick's bad side because he's not messing around. Although, we doubt this gentleman has a bad side! 

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"He is set for life! He knows what he's going to be doing with his life and he'll love it his whole life," commented @Rebecca Luce. His life will always be surrounded by animals. We just know it! Perhaps we have a future veterinarian. Or maybe that TikToker meant he's a ladies' man. LOL! Starting young! As @pattycakes0123 said, "The improved Ladies Man!! ❤️." Well, Maverick did capture the internet's heart! Does anyone else think people need to start taking notes from this little man?! 

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