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Little Boy Professes Love for His Dog in Video We Can't Get Enough Of

If your dog is your baby, you're going to find this little boy irresistible. In a now-viral TikTok that's been viewed over 7 million times, @mariagrazia1129 watches along as her 3-year-old son professes his love for their dog, Mia. He may be just a toddler expressing his adoration, but he's oh-so-relatable! Our pups are our babies, too!

As the little boy tells Mia that he loves her, she sits patiently like the good girl she is. She may not be totally convinced this "love" thing is her style, but it's the sweetest thing that she's giving it a shot. We hope she feels appreciated!

This little guy is just the cutest! His mum must feel so accomplished for raising such a loving child. When he said "This is MY BabEEEEEEy," like @ladyandtheblues wrote in the comments, our hearts practically melted! 

"You know that’s how mama talks to him 🥰," @brilittle mentioned. "I do the saaaaame with my boys. Makes me beam when they do this with their brothers or the dog too 😂." OK, could this get any cuter?

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Well--kind of! Truthfully, Mia doesn't seem to be loving the cuddles as much as her brother is; but this is probably why @mariagrazia1129 captioned this video "teaching my dog how to receive love." 

"I think Mila is emotionally unavailable at the moment 😂🤍," joked @freeshavacadoos_, who also wins honorary awards for Most Liked Comment and Best TikTok Username. It certainly seems like it!

We love @heyitsmichellemarie's take on the pup's hesitation: "I don’t think Mia’s love language is physical touch or words of affirmation 😅." You're not wrong! "She’s like how about gift giving in the form of treats 😂," replied @tweeks104. Now that sounds Mia-approved!

Still, her patience and secret looks of desperation are all-too-relatable to viewers. "Me putting up with the 5’2 drunk guy who’s buying me drinks at the bar," @jesucitajesucita commented. LMAO! Now we know where we recognize her facial expressions from. Hopefully, she gets a treat out of the deal, too!

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