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Little Boy's Reaction to Being Woken Up by a 'Surprise Puppy' Is Everything

We don't know any kid that doesn't dream about having a puppy or kitten. We've all been in their shoes before, begging our parents to have a tiny furry friend around the house. And if you're a parent, you probably know very well how often those questions get asked. So when you finally give in, because it all happens to the best of us, you should consider surprising your little ones. In fact, we think everyone should do the surprise like how TikTok user @lhughes05 did it. 

This mom snuck into her little boy's room while he was sleeping. She then plopped the fluff ball right next to him. You'd think he would've woken up right away, but it took a little bit. She even put the puppy right on top of him. LOL! It was the tiny puppy kisses that woke him up from his deep slumber. And his reaction to seeing the puppy for the first time is the sweetest thing. Check it out! 

Aww! We've seen families bring home dogs as surprises before, but we think that this is the best way to share the news. They'd never expect it! Plus, is this not the best thing to wake up to?! We want to be surprised every morning with a little puppy licking our faces. LOL!

"Little man had to make sure he wasn't dreaming," said @nevillefatbottom. HA! We'd be the same way. Honestly, we'd have to do a quadruple check to make sure the puppy was real. Any dream from here on out will be hard to beat! 

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Another TikTok user, @Lori Hunter5475, wrote, "I had the biggest smile on my face watching this. Soooo sweet!!!! I would love to wake up to a puppy licking my face." Who wouldn't?! @imhlau added, "Precious. There is no other word I can think of to describe this. That little boy was so gentle. The bond was instant between him and the puppy. ❤️❤️❤️." It's as if the little kid and puppy knew they were made for each other. We can't wait to see their friendship blossom! 

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