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Video of Tiny Cow Snoring the Day Away Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

We've fallen in love with TikTok account @minimooos before. Remember the one with the two puppy pasture cows snuggling together? If you don't, we highly suggest going back and watching that adorableness! But for now, you can enjoy one of the more recent videos from this cattle based in Missouri. It'll make you want a mini cow if you haven't already dreamt of one! 

This TikTok creator was hanging out with one of her mini cows named Sven. They were sitting down together in the barn, except Sven looked like he was doing a little more than sitting down. He was full-on sleeping the day away! Probably exhausted from being too cute. LOL! At least the creator knows the one rule, she can never move! Listen closely to hear how tired Sven really is. It will melt your heart! 

AW! Can we trade places with this TikToker, please?! It's only been the dream of our life to be snuggling up next to a cow. And then don't even get us started on the snoring! Have you heard anything cuter? Now, if only all snoring could be this precious then everyone could get a good night's sleep!

"That little tongue sticking out so freaking cute!!" said @Mrs Redneck 605. That's a sign of one very tired mini moo, probably from sharing his adorableness with the world! And for that, he deserves all the naps he could ever want. "Cuteness overload!! ❤️❤️," commented @ConsciousEvolutionCoach. We seriously can't handle it! @Carla Anderson-Bryso added, "That’s the cutest stuffed animal ever." LOL! He totally does look like a stuffed animal and one can never have too many stuffed animals. So we'll take 6 please!

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"I just wanna take a nap with a lil cow 😩😩😩 is that SO MUCH TO ASK???" wrote @Katie Sexton. No, it's not too much to ask! Just get ready because after this video, everyone's going to be asking for this too! (Us included!) 

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