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Video of Little Girl Saying 'I Love You' to Tiny Baby Goats Is So Heartwarming

Sometimes, we learn the most from places we least expect it. For example, a recent TikTok video from @mcstuffin2021 shows a little girl showering baby goats with love. It is so pure that it's a reminder to us all what we need more of in this world. The clip has already reached over 1.1 million views and 149.3K likes.

The girl is giving the baby goats hugs. She greets the goats as they come up to her, and then so delicately she says, 'I missed you' and 'I love you' to each of them. And the goats are so happy, wagging their little tails! Our hearts cannot stop melting from the cuteness!

Have you seen anything more adorable?! We don't normally give out awards here, but @jeroen is right. This deserves the "Cute award!🏆." (Just don't tell the other precious animals!) @Kristen added, "Seriously does not get any cuter than this!" 

Does this tiny human remind you of a cartoon character at all? @Athena Booth said, "She is the cuter version of the Looney Tunes girl, 'and I will love you forever, and take care of you forever' 😁." She is referencing Elmira, and now we can't unsee it. At least this little girl is way more gentle and the animals love her back! 

"That’s beautiful, and that her voice is just like an angel. That sound's gonna be used and reused 1 million times," said @Les Corrigan. We don't mind hearing this 1 million more times! It's like music to our soul, even therapy! "Aww I have goats. They are amazing," commented @Barbara Montero819. And the creator responded, "Best therapy ever! (besides grandkids lol)." Sounds like she figured out the secret to a happy life, and we can't help but be a little jealous. "It's hard watching other live your dreams," said @M Kuha. Hey @M Kuha, one day that will be us!