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Little Girl Does the Dog's Makeup and Mom's Reaction Is Classic

Dogs and kids can definitely be the best of friends, but oftentimes, they also work as partners in crime! That's exactly what happened when one little girl got into her mom's makeup bag and decided to do not only her own face, but the Golden Retriever, Cooper's, as well.

The little girl's name is Reagan, and her mom shared the video of the makeup session on her TikTok account, @kaylanelson07. With over 660,000 views, so many people are getting a kick out of this adorable pair. In the clip, you'll see that Reagan has given both herself and Cooper the royal mascara treatment. Mom's reaction at the end of the video is just the best.

"Look at Cooper, Ray Ray! Look at Cooper!" LOL! Poor Cooper didn't know what hit him, but he looked like he wasn't too bothered by being made up by his sister. Don't you love how he followed her right out of the room at the end? Like, "What are we going to do next, sis?" 

One commenter, @lauren.franklin1120 said, "Cooper said, come on Ray Ray. We ain’t gotta listen to this. 😂." Another TikTok user added, "Cooper and Ray are going clubbing tonight-makeup done-hair and outfits next 💃🕺." And @Lindsay added, "Kinda seems like Cooper is pretty confident with his new look." Ha! It does, doesn't it?

We can only imagine how long it took mom to get all of that mascara off the two of them, particularly if it happened to be waterproof. (Let's hope not.) And while Ray Ray certainly seems like she has a mischievous streak, clearly Cooper is her favorite playmate, and the feeling is mutual on his end! Watch out, mom. You've got your work cut out for you with these two peas in a pod.