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Horse Gently Eating Grass From Little Girl's Hands Has People So Touched

We have fallen in love with little kids and their sweet relationship with horses. It's something you don't normally see every day like you would with a cat or dog. So when we do see a unique video like a kid and a horse together, we have to share it instantly. That's where TikTok user @lisaammerman78 comes in. 

She recently shared a clip of her daughter feeding their horse named Cody. The video has over 3.2 million views and 439.6K likes in two days. The little girl reaches her hands up towards the top of the fence. She's holding a handful of grass for the horse to eat and adorably says, 'Here Cody, here.' Watch how sweetly Cody goes for the grass. It will melt your heart!  

Aww! Both the little girl and the horse are sooo sweet! She kept telling Cody to eat some more. Sounds like a grandma who always forces you to eat when you come over because you look too thin. LOL. 

"It's the second 'eat some more' that sealed it for me," commented @BostonCollectors. It was the first second of the video that sealed it for us! We were instantly hooked and fell in love with these two. 

@Eva Anika said, "I love how the horse knows that it's dealing with a child." He is so gentle with her. It's seriously amazing! Another user added, "Such a gentle horse, too 😁 So careful not to hurt her little fingers." He's being gentle because he can't eat that fast. @elliebros said, "Him: 'Damn, I’m just tryna chew!!'😂😂😂." Ha! He couldn't keep up.

Our prayers have already been answered and there's another video of this little girl and Cody! 

So cute!! "We want more baby and Cody," commented @Nanathadon_. Honestly, is that too much to ask?!