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Little Girl's Reaction to Getting a Horse for Her Birthday Is Just the Best

Is there anyone who didn't dream of owning a horse as a kid? We're sure most kids asked for a cat or a dog, but the real far-reaching dream was to have a pony. And TikTok user @aged1973's daughter is no different.

Apparently, she's been asking for a horse over the last few years. She never gave up hope that one day she'd have her own horse. Thankfully she didn't stop believing because on her 10th birthday she got the surprise of her life. And her reaction is too beautiful for words. Check it out! 

Stop it! This is seriously one of the sweetest things we've ever seen. It'll be hard to top any birthday after this. LOL! But we bet she won't need anything since she finally has her horse!

"She was just too stunned to even think about words and emotion. So cute lol. Happy birthday, cowgirl!" said @missk2443. We totally get why she can't even speak. So many emotions were rushing over her. We'd react the same way! "Totally priceless, shaking she is so excited," added @fbomb_kindofmemere. Shaking of happiness! 

@mellynicoll wrote, "So beautiful just changed her life right there. A love and bond like no other." We truly can't wait to see more of this duo! "I remember this day. Most amazing feeling ever in my life. I still love horses to this day," said @michelleknudsen. Aww! This comment just shows us that this little girl will remember this day for the rest of her life. So sweet!


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