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Video of Little Girl Meeting Horse for the First Time Has Us Crying Happy Tears

A very special ranch has put us in our feels today. So grab your tissues and get ready! The Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch provides hands-on experiences with horses to those who have severe physical disabilities and veterans who have suffered a service-related injury or have PTSD. This type of therapy is known as EAT, or equine-assisted therapy

The ranch's TikTok account, @heartofthehorsetherapy, shows clips of different participants getting to experience horseback riding. One recent video that stole our hearts is of a little girl meeting a horse first for the first time ever. She hesitantly goes up to pet the horse. Maybe it wasn't hesitation, but instead amazement. She warmed up soon enough. Just wait until you see her face when she starts riding! 

So sweet! She clearly wasn’t scared because in no time at all, she even gave the horse a kiss! What an amazing experience that she’ll remember forever, and the same goes for everyone else who has been to the ranch. The ranch really is a special place that makes a difference in someone’s life. 

"Trying to watch this without shedding a tear is impossible!!" commented @Tyler Clapper. We warned you to grab a tissue! It's only happy tears of course! 

@SC_Swamp_Fox_208 wrote, “That horse knew he was in the presence of an ANGEL 👼.” Aww, he did! He knew to be very gentle and take it slow when she was going for a ride. “You just know Bandit loves his job,” added @TorahTruth. He really does! And same for the rest of the employees at this ranch. It takes a special person to make this a reality for those with disabilities. “That’s a million-dollar horse in my book. Y’all are amazing for giving her this opportunity,” said @Meskin69. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

If you're interested in helping out this nonprofit ranch, check out their website and donate