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Viral Video of Little Girl Meeting K-9 Puppy Is Too Cute for Words

When people think about police K-9s, a variety of images come to mind. Many think about well-trained, large-breed dogs ready to sniff out anything (or anyone), while others imagine a fast, athletic dog that can chase and take down a criminal within minutes. Technically, everyone is right, but there's also a playful, gentle side of police dogs that the public doesn't always get to see. 

This viral video is one adorable reminder of exactly that. It's a 19-second TikTok clip from @haya0203--an account dedicated to the adventures of a dog-loving toddler named Haya--but if we're being honest, we could watch the video all day. It's just that sweet! 

Aww! Haya is absolutely loving her encounter with the German Shepherd puppy, and we don't blame her one bit. Who doesn't love giving a dog's wet nose a boop?

Of course, this amazing experience is all thanks to the kindness and care of the officer. As commenter @accordingtojorge pointed out, "I love how the officer is mostly focus reading the dogs body language making sure he’s not uncomfortable." It made a world of difference for everyone involved!

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Still, we're not the only viewers getting the feeling this puppers has places to be and things to sniff. He definitely doesn't mind the attention, but he's giving off the vibe he'd rather be playing instead. 

"Dog : this wasn't in the job description," commented @kingeruca. LOL! We're sure this pup will get more used to meeting the citizens he protects as he grows up, but we still think he did great!

@Thomasreuland0 hit the nail on the head when he said, "Nice officer and partner. Too cute you two made her day." They sure did! If you have any doubt at all, just listen to that little cuties laugh. Even the passersby are smiling from ear to ear! 

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