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Little Girl's Elation Over Her Mini Pony Is Pure Internet Gold

Animal lovers all get that giddy feeling when they see a cute pet. You get a silly smile on your face because you can't get over how cute they are. Yes, you know the one! Trust us, we've done it a time or two. But no matter what kind of smile we give to the animals we see, nothing will beat this precious smile of a two-year-old girl. 

TikTok user @ryleylouise shared a video of her daughter who is an expert pony-rider. Not only is she an expert rider, but she's also the cutest one we've ever seen. In the clip that has captured our hearts, the little girl is seen standing next to the pony. That doesn't sound impressive because any kid can do that. But it's her facial expression that sets her apart. We promise you've never seen anything cuter! 

O.M.G. Look at her smile! She's beaming with happiness about being with her pony. If there was ever a competition for "best smile," she'd absolutely win by a landslide! And we're pretty sure the rest of the Internet would agree. 

TikTok users are obsessing over how adorable this video is. One user, @vita_lavita, said, "Her wee smile at the start. She's a star." The happiest equestrian we ever did see! @brodie.buckleyx added, "Omg I can’t get over how cute she is." Neither can we!

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"This is perfection ❤️," wrote @qhoneys. Retweet! Everything about this clip is absolutely perfect. Nothing would've made it better! Well, maybe another video of this little girl and her pony would do the trick. 

Aww! "She was born to ride. She makes my day," said @LEANNE Skipper. She really does look like an expert riding! 

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