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Little Girl’s Special Friendship With Neighborhood Cat Is Bringing People to Tears

There's no doubt that pets touch our hearts in ways people and words just can't, but it's important to remember that neighborhood animals can be just as special in someone's life. They may not live under your roof, but even a 60-second encounter can turn your entire day around.

That's exactly what happened with little Lainey. She first met neighborhood cat Binx while taking a daily walk with her parents in 2020. This was when the COVID-19 pandemic first began, so her fast friendship with Binx meant so much more to her and her parents at a time when Lainey couldn't play with kids her age. Even though their bond has only strengthened over the years, not everything can last forever. But just look at how sweet the two of them are together.

After several years of joyful visits, Binx and his owners are selling the house and moving away. The family (plus a new little sibling for Lainey) made one last trek to visit Binx, and it has the entire Internet in tears.

Even Lainey's mom, TikTok user @thecolorfulmother, mentioned that she "sob[bed] making this [video]". So did viewer @alexisfilip, who said "I sobbed at the end - our sweet neighborhood pets definitely hold a place in our hearts ♥️". That they most certainly do! 

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Many commenters were concerned about Binx and Lainey's families staying in touch, or whether the cat could possibly stay with them instead of moving. "The only answer is you adopting him 🥺" wrote @daniiiimattheww, while @rosepedal_2000 agreed, "Solution; keep the cat".

After the video blew up on TikTok, the original poster left a comment to explain. "Goodness thank y’all for all the love!🥰" She began. "Binx is a well loved boy and is going with his owners. We are grateful for the joy he brought us!❤️"

With the video’s most liked comment, @uncivilunion offered another solution: “Reach out to the owners and ask for updates! My cat was similar to our neighbor’s kid. They moved and we sent pictures to them often.”

We hope that's exactly what these families will do. Imagine how much it will mean to Lainey! 

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