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Little Girl Gets the Shock of Her Life With New Puppy and Her Reaction Is Everything

You probably remember the first time you brought a dog home. Maybe it was a Christmas present or maybe you decided it was time to expand you family. One little girl is definitely never going to forget the moment she got her dog after her family surprised her with a brand new puppy in a heartwarming new video that's gone viral on TikTok. 

We wish we had parents like this when we were younger, but instead we'll have to live vicariously through the footage shared by @giababi. The mama had her camera running when she called her daughter into her bedroom and what was waiting for her there brought her instantly to tears. "Happy birthday!" one of the adults in the room tells her before her she sees the new puppy cage.

"She never saw it coming," the video's caption reads. "This was when we surprised her with a pup in 2020. Welcome Nala Sarafina," @giababi explained later in the comments.

People in the comments section and the over 300,000 viewers were so happy for the girl. "Animals bring so much love and joy. So sweet!"@farrahfeather wrote. "So cute the little pup's face waiting to be recognized," @user809260793 added. "I will kiss away your tears now and forever," @danielleinvirginia wrote, as if reading the little dog's mind. "'Hello Bestie! We are going to have so much fun!' -Nala Sarafina," @prhazeleyes joked. 

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A second video later shared on the mom's page shows even more tears. Her daughter was so stunned after getting the puppy that she couldn't believe it was real. "'Is this a JOKE?' She really couldn't believe it," the mom wrote in the caption.

The best feeling for a parent is being able to make a little magic happen for your kids. This mom totally nailed it.

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