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Little Girl's Reaction to Playing With a Corgi Couldn't Be More Fitting

If we had to picture our perfect day, we imagine it might look exactly one little girl online. She was just so happy to being playing with her aunt's Corgi that her mom had to get it on camera. And now video of the two of them playing has really taken off on TikTok. Is there anything better than watching a girl and her Corgi have the time of their lives?

Duncan is a certified good boy who is clearly the apple of his owner's eye. Just look at the entire TikTok she made for him, documenting how cute he is (@duncanwiththegoodtail). The "CEO of Corgi noises and of being a croissant" recently made waves online however, when video of him and his human cousin playing in the house went viral. "Our little niece was over playing with our Corgi when (wait for it)..." the video's onscreen text states.

After jumping on what appears to be the world's largest bean bag chair, the little one exclaims "this is the best day of my life!" Clearly, the girl's aunt (and Duncan's owner) was touched. "Her mom got this on video… WRECKED," she wrote in the caption before adding a crying emoji.

With over 2 million views, other people agreed that this was the perfect day. "Me when I wake up with mine every morning," @butterandbranda wrote. "With the cute doggo. It would be mine too," @deadxxwood agreed. "The dog said the same thing!" @_salzzzzzz joked. "She’s so young that it probably was genuinely the best day of her life so far," @user42her pointed out.

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Thank goodness her mom got this on tape. We know one day she'll look back on her "best day" spent with Duncan with fond memories.

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