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Little Girl's Reaction to Being Surprised With a Puppy After School Is Priceless

As kids, we all dreamed of being surprised with a puppy. Even if we already had a pet we loved tremendously, the shock of seeing such a cute new pet is something everyone hopes for. One little girl achieved this dream and got the surprise of her life!

TikTok user @probablybri recently shared a video of her surprising her daughter by adopting a Dachshund puppy named Layla. When this mom went to pick her daughter up from school, she had the new puppy in the front seat with her. When her daughter got in the car, she was excited about the candy she saw in the passenger seat of the car, and it took her a few moments until she finally noticed the puppy. Check out the video to see her reaction!

OMG, this is so sweet. We love how shocked and excited this little girl was for her new puppy, and Layla is just too adorable! This video is giving us all of the feelings.

People in the comments were so excited for this little girl and loved her reaction. @sammie62198 said, "The cute voice change when she started talking to the puppy melted my heart," and @beckie_hardy commented, "I’m pretty sure I just watched this five times to see the pup touch her hand and the look on her face." This little girl has such a fantastic understanding of how to greet a puppy already, her respect for Layla is amazing!

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Others thought Layla was very lucky to land with a family like this. @oh_yeah_its_me_sp commented, "That dog could not have been rescued by a better family!" and @dorevagal1 said, "That's adorable. Mom, you're a rock star." This pup was definitely lucky to catch the eye of a mom whose daughter is so sweet and gentle!

Mom posted a second video about Layla to share more of her backstory. She said she was rescued from a puppy mill and had fungal infections in her ears and tail. These injuries are healing though, and Layla is in a loving household that will give her the care she needs! Watch the second video to see how the pup is doing in her new environment.

We can already tell that with this little girl's reaction in the first video and the other children petting her in the second video, Layla is going to be a very important part of this family for a long time. These kids will become best friends with the pup immediately and have the most lovely companionship as they all grow up.

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