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Toddler's Elated Reaction to Meeting a Puppy Wins the Internet This Week

Most people would agree that two of the cutest things are puppies and happy toddlers. What happens when you put a toddler and a puppy together? Only the best video ever!

In the video posted by @mmpsc30 on TikTok, a young girl meets a puppy for the first time, and there is just so much to love about this interaction. The little girl's mother captured the video of this meeting, and it shows the puppy jumping up and down, clearly excited to meet this new, small human. When faced with a cute and excitable puppy, this young girl has the most adorable reaction.

Her giggles are giving us life! The text on the video says this will be a "core memory" for the young girl, and we agree that this will be the first of many adorable moments in this kid's life as a dog-lover.

The cuteness overload is just too much. TikTok user @jennilavin commented, "Cannot decide which is cuter, the hair, the thigh roll, the laugh, or the adorable kid? Puppy is cute too." User @davidlamb390 expressed a similar sentiment in his comment: "There’s nothing else quite so sweet as a baby laughing at a puppy!" Like us, user @joanneperez993 thought this short clip was insufficient. In a comment, she said, "so much cuteness in one short clip! I want more!"

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We certainly hope there will be plenty more puppy interactions for this little girl in the future. She just cannot get enough of this little guy!

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