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Little Girl’s Reaction to New Puppy Has People Totally Captivated

Do you remember your first pet? Those first few moments of pure joy when you held your brand new puppy in your arms? Well, be prepared to take a trip down memory lane in a new video on TikTok that has people besotted. "Absolutely adorable," wrote one commenter. 

The charming moment was later posted on TikTok — and thank goodness for that. The video, shared on @ryleylouise's page, shows 2-year-old daughter with her brand new puppy in her arms. “Look what I got. It’s a new puppy!” the girl says in the footage. The toddler is from England and has the cutest little accent as she continues, "he's wagging his tail!" The toddler even comforted her puppy when the pooch got a case of the wiggles in her arms, but you'll have to see what she says for yourself in the video below. 

Over 3.6 million people have watched the girl and her new BFF. "The 'it’s alright!' My WORD she is precious!!" @xohoneybxo7 wrote. "Awwww bless her she so loves animals," @claire46d agreed. "If I was ever to change my mind about having children it would be partly down to this little angel," @mariannelamb joked. "It sounds like she is saying 'I go a new poppy,' but she is so cute," @_equii_fl_ commented. 

If the first video wasn't sweet enough, @ryleylouise shared a second video of her daughter and the dog. And the toddler looks as ecstatic as one can be. "I think she’s happy with her new puppy Rosie," she wrote in the video's caption. 

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"She’s funny isn’t she," the proud mama wrote later in the comments, "she carried it round the fair all day." 

Now that's love!

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