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Little Girl 'Steals' Neighborhood Cat and Mom's Response Is Priceless

We all know that kids say the darndest things, but we can't forget the crazy things they do, too. TikTok user and mom @breannalarson4 knows exactly how it is, but if you need some proof you should see what her daughter did. Luckily, Breanna posted a clip of the hilarity to her account, and TikTok is loving it!

Her daughter, who is truly an animal lover, 'stole' the neighborhood tabby cat and brought it inside. Clearly, this isn't what the viewers were expecting, but Breanna doesn't seem very surprised at all!

LMAO! We know a cat person when we see one, and Breanna's daughter definitely is. She carries the feline with such confidence, even though it's nearly her size!

"She’s not wrong, it seems great!" viewer @courtneyrs0 wrote in the comment section. "Lmfao  it allows a child to pick it up and just dangles that’s the best type of cat." Seriously, though! The kitty is so chill and gentle with Breanna's daughter. @Catmomma490 was probably right when she said, "Lol that cat probably has a child at home, he's super chill very nice cat."

Remember, this isn't just a stray cat that the sweet girl brought inside to love on--they're probably someone's outdoor buddy! Breanna agreed, writing, "he’s definitely not a stray! He didn’t mind her booping him around." How sweet!

All in all, our favorite reaction has to be the cat's, though. Just like @lindsaysmall2 said, "the cat looking around like ohhh this is nice," had us positively LOL-ing! We hope these two will remain longtime friends, even if the feline couldn't move in this time.

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