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Video Highlighting Little Known Facts About Cats Is So Fascinating

We've always wondered what our cats where thinking. But now there might be a way to tell what's going on in their heads. A video on TikTok is explaining some little known facts about cats that really surprise most people. Take a look and prepare to have your mind blown. 

The helpful hints were shared by TikTok creator @travelcatmom, who use a trending sound on the app to illustrate her cat's more interesting habits. "Facts about cats, I promise you didn't know," the video's voiceover states. There are some great tidbits in there, including how to know where you stand in your cat's hierarchy of power (i.e., the higher on your body that your cat sits on you, the more in charge they think they are), how they say I love you, and what they really mean when they bring you back a mouse. 

Over 5 million people have since watched the useful footage and most people were stunned. "I [love] my cats but I'd like to know how this stuff was figured out about them," @crystalsmith322 wondered. "Love how my cat thinks I’m a horrible hunter, yet I’m the one giving her gourmet meals every day," @sam.c43 joked. "My cat used to bring me leaves, so who’s really the bad hunter?" @x_blackdeath teased. "Okay….. my cat as a kitten slept above my head EVERY SINGLE NIGHT," @ipadtiktokhehe admitted. 

In a second video on @travelcatmom's page, she shared a handy tip on what it means when your cat turns its back to you. 

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