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Sheep Patiently Waits for Livestock Guardian Puppy to Give Her Kisses in Sweet Video

TikTok user @blueheronfarms has a 5-month-old Livestock Guard Dog who is in training. Based on a recent clip, we'd say the dog seems comfortable enough being in the barn with the sheep and lambs but she still seems a little distracted. We wouldn't say she's fully embraced all the animals yet. It takes time! On the plus side, some of the animals are already loving on her!

This creator explained how one of the sheep really loves dogs and is interested in getting some attention from the dog in training. The sheep even has a special stance she holds as she tries to say hello to the dog. Too bad the dog doesn't know what the stance means. It looks like the dog is scared and keeps moving away. Aww! Watch to the end to see what happens between these two! 

LMAO! This is both insanely hilarious and adorable. We've never seen a sheep so interested in a dog so this is really a breath of fresh air. And we can't stop giggling over how the sheep was trying to get the dog to acknowledge her. @cortwla said what the sheep was thinking, "You. Will. Love. ME." Ha!

"She's telepathically telling Seda that they WILL become best friends," added @Bones. Telepathically telling her even though she's right next to the dog's head. LOL! But hey, it worked! @heyitsgreens commented, "Oh I'm so glad she gave her some kisses in the end!! 😍 😭." Us too! We were getting a little worried. It's a sign that the friendship can only go up from here! 

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@coffeespiral said, "Accurate description of trying to make friends as an adult." HA! Why is this the truest thing we've ever read? At least this shows us that it all works out in the end!

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