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Video of Lizard Enjoying His Bath Is So Captivating We Can't Even

Is there anything better than kicking back and having a little me time? Everyone needs to relax every now and again. Including a Blue Iguana named Buddy from Ireland, who had everyone on TikTok talking after a video of him relaxing while receiving a bath went viral online. He looks so at peace! 

Buddy and his owner are always together. On their TikTok page @lizardthebuddy the lizard is regularly seen spending time with his papa, but in his latest video it was Dad who was giving the lizard a little TLC. The video shows Buddy getting a sponge bath while in the tub. And we can tell by his expression that he totally loves it. But things really got good when Buddy's human brought out a toothbrush to give him a good scrubbing. Ahhh, looks so relaxing!

"Splish Splash I'm taking a bath," the video's caption reads. 

Buddy's bath has attracted over 480,000 views. "I'm coming back as an iguana next life……" @missmurphy48 joked in the comments section. "My toxic trait is taking better care of a pet than I would with myself," @puppiesaurusrex wrote. "Tell me your dragon's spoilt without telling me he's spoilt. Awesome video," @jokerzze120 teased. "OMG that tiny little sponge. this is adorable. I am not knowledgeable about reptiles, but the look on this fella's face tells me he is in heaven," @stoopgoat wrote. 

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Buddy is so expressive. Another video on his page shows him looking euphoric while his dad gives him pats on the head. "That happy face," the video's caption reads. 

We know that lizards can't really smile, but in this case Buddy is definitely thrilled.

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