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Lonely Mom's Reaction to Surprise Birthday Puppy Is Everything

Oftentimes we hear about parents counting down the days until they're empty nesters. They can't wait to have the house to themselves and they have big plans. But the reality is that becoming an empty nester is not always a walk in the park. 

Take TikTok user @sandykins18's mom, for example. After 32 years, this TikToker finally moved out and took her dog with her. The mom tried hiding her tears, but she was devastated. She even wanted the dog to visit to make her feel better. So what this TikToker and the rest of the family did to surprise the mom is everything.

They surprised her with a Maltipoo puppy!? Stop it! That's one of the sweetest things we've seen. We always hear about how parents love being empty nesters after their children move out, but this shows us it's not always easy for them. Nothing a dog's love can't fix!

"Momma deserves this," wrote @projexx. She absolutely does! @crystal.j.s said, "The last photo. SHE'S MATCHING W/ HER PUP!! Seriously this is so cute and wholesome." You can tell they're already best friends. We couldn't love this anymore! 

And the mom even commented on this video. She wrote, "This is a true story of my first time with my Baby Casper! Best birthday gift ever!" Awww! We're beyond happy she loves Casper. We just know Casper is going to brighten her days and give her all the cuddles and kisses she could ever want. 


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