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Sweet Video of Man Showing Off His Cats Is Too Adorable for Words

There's just something so pure about people showing off their cats. Once upon a time, this type of behavior may have been seen as some awful sexist, ageist trope that something only elderly woman or single women did, but thank goodness we live in more enlightened times now. Any cat owner can be susceptible to introducing their cats to the world, and we are sure glad they do. 

That's why we love this adorable video that TikTok user @Catdadtrio posted of his "three besties." We love dudes who love cats! 

And how gorgeous these cats are! This video is going viral with over 15 thousand views and we can see why! Sweet cats, sweet cat dad. @HappyAussieGirl comments, "How lucky you are ! There’s nothing like being loved by cats." Too true. @Tora adds, "Awwwww!! They're so adorable!! Beautiful cat dad energy as well!!" @Jacqui posts, "She's touching your face cause she adores you.." 

@Loriana types what we are all feeling about this whole situation in one perfect comment, "I have decided my favorite TikToks are of cat dads showing off their fur babies!" Us too! Cat dads, never stop! 

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