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Stylish Dog Has Better Hair Than We Could Ever Hope To Have

It's weird to be jealous of a dog, right? What if said dog has the most amazing hair we have ever seen and looks like a stone-cold fashion model? I mean, this dog has that sort of big, luxurious 1990's supermodel hair that dreams are made of. This dog is basically the dog version of Cindy Crawford. We are totally jealous, and we don't care. 

I mean, come on, watch this video, this dog has never had a bad hair day in its life. 

This dog is just ridiculous! What a beauty! This video is going viral with over 180 thousand views and comments from people in utter awe over TikTok user @HugoandHattie 's dog's hair! @NinaandRosie comments, "What the H*ll, this dog has better hair than me!" @Soph!! agrees, writing, "How does an animal have better hair than me?" @Issy adds, "I think I need some bang styling lessons off this dog." LOL! 

Us too! This dog is too much! Now we have total hair envy. This dog needs to make some TikTok haircare and styling videos next to be honest.

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