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Video of Longest Cat Resident at Florida Shelter Is So Heartbreaking

Attention Florida residents, or anyone with the means to travel to Florida, there's the sweetest ever adult cat available for adoption who badly needs a home. Silver has been at the shelter longer than any other cat and it makes no sense why this girl hasn't found a home yet. 

Watch the following video that TikTok account @HumaneBroward posted and see how sweet this beautiful girl is. 

Silver was brought to the shelter when her owner decided they no longer wanted her and she has been waiting to find a family for a very long time. @Xdanichex posts, "The way I would literally burst into tears seeing that sign and immediately adopt her if I was there. Hope someone picks her soon." @Dreamgirlshrimp replies, "Someone please adopt this baby she deserves the world." @Taylor comments, I don’t understand how! She is so beautiful, those bright green eyes.“I’m getting old & I need something to rely on.” Please someone near her!"

The beautiful part of this post is so many comments are asking where she is located and if she is still available, so we are hoping Silver gets her forever home soon. Judging from all the comments on this viral video, this beautiful cat won't have long to wait! 

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