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Video of 'Longest Resident' Shelter Dog Being Ignored by Potential Adopters Is Tough to Watch

It's gut-wrenching to know that there are so many dogs in shelters that are still waiting for their forever homes. So we're pretty much a mess after watching a video of a senior shelter dog alone in his kennel. What's even more heartbreaking is that it seems like no one in the shelter is paying him any attention.

The devastating video was shared by photographer Albert Harris (@aharrisphoto), who must've been so horrified to see what happened to Sarge. "POV: You're the longest resident slowly losing hope because you're being ignored and not being that desirable dog people want," the video's text overlay reads. We can't even imagine how horrible that must be. Sage is clearly a friendly and happy dog, so we can't stand that he hasn't been adopted yet. 

Harris is hoping that now that the video has received 2 million views, it will help raise awareness to Sarge's situation. "Imagine being in a kennel with little-to-no interaction. This is the case for Sarge. Let’s get him a home," he wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section were aghast. "Ooh beautiful boy, I’m so sorry your family hasn’t found you yet," @piratecalypsosparrow wrote. "I wish I was close by I would adopt this baby and give him all the love he deserves. This breaks my heart so much," @propanshajonatata added. "Didn’t need to cry today, People could at least interact with him/show him he’s lovable. Every time I see this I always want to adopt!" @mystic_amber chimed in. 

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Later in the thread, Harris shared that Sarge is at the Orange County Animal Services (@ocasorlando). So if you live near by and can give him a home, please look him up!

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