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Video of 'Longest-Resident Dog' at Orlando Shelter Losing Hope After the Hurricane Has Us in Tears

There are some dogs that take a long time to get adopted from shelters, and this can be for a variety of reasons. However, no matter the reason, all pups deserve to be adopted and spend their lives in loving and comfortable homes. One viral video is trying to help a pup get that opportunity after a long time spent in the shelter.

TikTok user @uniquelyk9 recently shared a video of a Pit Bull mix named Nina who is the longest resident at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, since Hurricane Ian, this pup has been feeling discouraged about finding her forever home. Check out the video to see this precious pup and help Nina find her future adopter!

Awww, Nina is breaking our hearts! We can't stand to see dogs lose hope when waiting to be adopted. We know someone out there will love Nina the way she deserves, we just need to find them!

People in the comments are heartbroken for Nina as well. @bnanaz711 said, "This breaks my heart. Nina you deserve the most amazing forever home and I believe you’ll find it soon!" Another user, @divineebean, commented, "This makes me cry, she looks like such a sweet lady." We can't stand to see Nina so dismayed about her effort to get adopted!

Others sent Nina their well wishes and luck from all over the country. @macybaaby commented, "Praying this beautiful, sweet girl finds a forever home. I'm sending good luck from Indiana!" and @pitty_pancake said, "Boosting from Oklahoma! Pancake (my Pitty) and I wish Nina the very best." We're glad Nina has so much support from the animal lovers on TikTok—hopefully someone who sees the video decides to adopt her!

The video creator posted a second video of Nina running and playing outside to show viewers how fun and energetic she is when given the chance. It's wonderful to see Nina is still finding joy in her favorite activities!

Nina is having a blast playing outside! This pup would be very fun to play with, and she has so much love ready to give her future adopter. We know her stay in the shelter will be coming to an end soon!

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