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Hiker's Sweet Sunset Date With Her Golden Retriever Gives Us All the Feels

You'd go sunset-watching with your partner, and even your friends, so why wouldn't you go with your dog? That's exactly what @deverdogguide did, and we are loving the idea. Quality time with your dog never looked so picturesque! 

Though this mom and dog team found a perfect sunset spot in the Colorado Rockies, there are literally endless places you and your pup can explore. Just take it from this Golden Retriever mix!

OK, now we can't decide what (or who) is more beautiful: the view or the dog! This pup looks oh-so-happy to be spending time with his mama, but that sunset is really hard to top. @Denverdogguide even shared her directions for getting to Lookout Mountain--you'll just need to scroll through the comment section. 

If you're in the Denver area, this could be a great spot to visit! Just like viewer @reecebodeen said, "I love this because this is one of the only ones that’s ACTUALLY 20 minutes from Denver." You won't have to go too far off the beaten path! 

We also loved @cmlntvd's question: "Is this a good sunrise spot also??" It seems like it could be a great view at any time of day! As Denver Dog Guide explained, though, "the Mountain View is to the west but there is a peak that overlooks to the east over golden and I bet sunrise would be good that way!"

Looks like someone will have to give it a try on a sunrise date with their pup!

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