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This Lost Californian Dog Was Found In Germany, And No One Knows How

Now this is the kind of news we like to see. An unusual circumstance, a bit of mystery, and a happy ending--what else could you want? A dog, that's what!

 Well, luckily for you (and us), this story has it all. It all began when The Gilroy Police Foundation received a message about a found dog with ID tags from the California city. That alone isn't very unusual, but the dog wasn't found a few towns over or anything. The Golden Retriever had been spotted in a small German village, and no one knew how or why. 

What they did know, though, was that the pup was very sweet and friendly. Just look at his adorable picture! 

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Though it didn't take long before the pup's owner was located, the escape artist caused quite a stir! At first, confirmed CBS News, the Gilroy Police Foundation speculated that the dog belonged to someone in the United States Military who would be stationed at a nearby airbase. That wasn't the case in the end, but one thing was for sure: the owner was in Germany, too. That answers quite a few questions! 

The dog's owner was located and contacted thanks to the dog's ID tag, which showed their license number. It's always a smart idea to have some form of identification on your pet--just in case of events like this! Now that the bizarre situation has been resolved, though, the Gilroy Police Foundation was able to release more information about the little guy.

Well, now we know! Benny was just out for a stroll while on sabbatical with his dad, and he doesn't quite get why everyone was so worried. We're sure his dad is so relieved, though! Even if his pup caused quite a stir, there's no doubt this is something his family will never forget. 

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