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Story of Lost Dog Returning Home After 5 Years Is Giving People Hope

TikTok user @wlight411 has been through quite the journey with her dog. Her story will take you on a rollercoaster, but luckily, it ends on a high note. And it is giving so many people hope. 

This family's Pitbull was their everything. Otto never left their side. He would celebrate holidays, ride in the car and sleep with his mom every single night. The owner, unfortunately, had to give Otto to a family member as the apartment told her she couldn't keep the dog there. But wait, the story will break your heart even more.

Wow! We don't even have words. What an incredible story! The fact that she never gave up hope after 5 years is simply amazing. This goes to show no one should give up hope! And our hearts are so full after hearing the older man took Otto in and cared for him until his health started to decline. So sweet!

"He had work to do with the old man and when his mission was done he was able to return home...animals are healing," said @sunshine071515. Aww! That's such a beautiful way to look at the story. And we believe animals are healing with our whole hearts! @imthatamber added, "That's awesome! If only he could talk and share the adventures he had." We'd LOVE to hear those stories!

Another TikTok user, @honeybee_dg1, wrote, "That is so incredibly sweet! Please set up a little Amazon wishlist so we can welcome him home and to TikTok!" Wow, social media never ceases to amaze us. People are so generous! We just know Otto has been spoiled since returning home with endless treats and love. 


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