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Louisiana Rescue Puppy Returned Just 3 Days After His Adoption 'Isn't Giving Up'

Sometimes, animals that get adopted from shelters end up being returned shortly thereafter. It is not always the fault of the adopter, but this is a heartbreaking experience for pets who think they have found their forever home only to be back in the shelter a few days later. One pup experienced this recently, but he isn't giving up on finding his perfect family.

The TikTok account for the Louisiana SPCA, @laspca, recently shared a video of a dachshund puppy named Midnight. Unfortunately, Midnight was returned to the rescue three days after his adoption, and he is still waiting to find the person that will love him unconditionally. Check out the video to see how cute Midnight is as he still tries to wow potential adopters!

Awww, Midnight is just the cutest pup! We will never understand why his first adopters returned him, but we know he will find his perfect match soon. We are rooting for you, Midnight!

People in the comments were incredulous over why Midnight was returned. @vanna_ram1 said, "I hate when people give pets away in once I bring a pet home, they're family. We love them like we love our siblings." Another user, @rubyygia79 commented, "He's so cute! Who wouldn't want him? I hope he finds a new, deserving home soon!" Midnight is so cute, we are sure someone will snatch him up very soon.

Others think that some people have unrealistic expectations when adopting a dog from a shelter. @karenlonewolf111 commented, "People don't give enough time for a shelter dog to decompress and get used to new surroundings," and @greeneyedwoman68 said, "They didn't give him a chance! That's what I think. It takes time, patience, and love." You shouldn't expect a dog to immediately relax and be the perfect puppy after coming home from the shelter—they need time to settle in to a new environment!

We wish Midnight the best of luck as he tries to impress potential adopters! His positive attitude is going to do him well as his continues his search for a family.

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