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Luxury Cat Hotel in the U.K. Is Nicer Than Where Most Humans Stay

Why spend money on a five-star hotel for yourself when you can instead spend it on your cats? Yes, there are five-star hotels for cats. The only thing we hate about these luxury hotels is that we can't stay either. Plus, there should be way more cat hotels around the world! This one that caught our attention is only a hop, skip and a jump away to West Yorkshire, UK!

We didn't even know cat hotels were a thing before we saw The Ings, aka @theingsluxurycathotel on TikTok. But now that we know, we don't expect anything less than this luxury palace for our furry friends. It's unbelievable the amenities this hotel has for the cats. It's better than our homes for them now! We promise you as soon as you see this video you'll be packing your bags, your kitty and a one-way ticket to the UK.  

Holy moly! Now, this is a hotel. These cats are living the dream. Not only do they have so much space in their room, but they even have a beautiful view outside the floor-to-ceiling window. A dream! This got us wondering, do employees get to stay here? Because if so, we would like to apply for a job! 

To say TikTokers are jealous is a huge understatement. All of a sudden we all want to be cats and live at this hotel. "I just showed this to my cat and he said he wants to come live there instead," wrote @sally.94. LOL! We think any cat would rather stay here than in any of our homes. Heck, we'd rather stay there instead! @Jade Christina Aston added, "I think if I left my cats there they wouldn't want to come back 😂." Oh, we bet that happens all the time with the cat guests! 

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"This must be equivalent to Ritz for cats 😂," said @KikiAndOskarAndGinge. Honestly, this looks even better than the Ritz. Let's hope it's not Ritz pricing so we can make this a reality for our kitties! BRB, going to inquire about a stay right now! 

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