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Video of Macaw Going to Cuddle Her Injured Dad Couldn’t Be More Heartwarming

Our favorite dad bird is back again, although this time he's not feeling 100% himself. If you haven't seen him yet, meet TikTok user and bird dad @johandevenier. He first captured our hearts when he showed us how he puts his baby Macaw birds to bed. Ever since then, we knew he was going to be a great dad! But his latest video shows he is stuck in bed, unable to give his little bebes their normal morning routine. What now? 

His birdies are all grown up and don’t necessarily need a snuggle and kiss to get them up in the morning. Sounds just like kids who grow into their “embarrassed by their parents” phase. But every so often there is a kid, or in this case a bird, who will never stop wanting kisses from their parents. So when this bird dad was injured, one of the Macaw ended up coming to his room instead of him coming to her for morning snuggles. And how she goes to her dad is everything! 

Aww, she didn't want to start her day any other way! She passed through five bedrooms in search for her dad. That's one dedicated birdie who wants her regular morning routine! And when she found him in bed, she flew right to him! She must've known he was injured and wanted to make it easier for him. Plus, flying is the fastest way to get to snuggles. LOL! 

TikTok users are obsessing with how heartwarming this clip is. "WHOSE CUTTING ONIONS AROUND ME?!!?" asked @Ahmad Fawaz. Honestly, don't they know we're trying to watch this video?! LOL! But seriously, this clip has us crying happy tears because it's so dang cute! "I can't tell who's luckier, you for having the bebe's or the bebe's for having such an amazing bird dad," said @heidipw. We think they're all very lucky to have each other! 

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Even when injured, you can tell he is the best bird dad! 

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