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Macaw's Reaction to Seeing Her Favorite Snow Globe Is Simply the Best

Everyone loves cute little knickknacks to decorate their living space with. Some people prefer small figurines while others may prefer gemstones or photographs. One animal has a clear favorite decoration, and the video of her seeing it for the first time this year is something you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @monathemacaw recently shared a video of their Macaw, Mona. In the video, Mona is captivated and entranced by her favorite snow globe, and this bird's reaction to the trinket is just too good. Check out the video to see for yourself!

OMG, Mona couldn't take her eyes off this snow globe, and she tried to break through the glass and cork to get to the snow inside! This bird hadn't seen the snow globe in over a year because it's a holiday decoration, but we think they should keep it out all year.

People in the comments loved how Mona instantly recognized the snow globe. @heatherhousecleaning said, "The reaction when she heard the music is too good!" and @anomolly commented, "I’m screaming. The pure joy the SECOND she heard it is amazing!" Mona could never forget her favorite snow globe!

Others agreed that this snow globe should never be in storage. @taylor.munsell commented, "I’m CRYING. Jail time if you ever put that in storage again. What a sweet, angel bird." Another user, @itsdreamingnicky, said, "My heart! Please don't put it away." The jury has spoken: the snow globe stays on display year-round!

The pure joy Mona expressed when she saw the snow globe again is the best. This needs to be put on display in the prime viewing spot so she can always look at it!

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