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Video of Macaw Having Her Harness Put on to Go Outside Is Going Viral

Wrangling a pet to put a harness on is one of the chaotic joys of pet parenthood, but it's most commonly a #dogproblem. For @coreydoherty258, though, it's part of a regular routine for his pet bird, a gorgeous Scarlet Macaw named Calypso.

In a recent viral TikTok video, Corey and Calypso show their fans exactly how he puts her harness on before they go outside. Honestly, it's not as difficult as we thought it would be! Then again, an experienced bird handler like Corey is already a pro, so we're sure he just made it look easy.

Clearly, these two have a very close bond of trust. It must have taken a lot of time and patience to train Calypso for all of this! 

We weren't the only ones to notice their efforts, either. Several commenters, like @_youcanuckoff_, asked how Corey trained the "wings up" task specifically. It starts with "Mak[ing] sure your bird is comfortable with you touching them on the back/under the wings," as @k.iana.n replied, but even then not every bird will cooperate. 

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"My Green Wing would never let me put a harness on him," commented @joegeo63. "Great job." We certainly agree! Funnily enough, though, even bird pro Corey couldn't solve that issue. "We have a GW that does this too," he replied. Oh well! Not every bird has the same skills, after all. 

Calypso's impressive skills aside, there's so much to enjoy about this clip! From the kitty's surprise appearance to the way Corey talks to his bird, a few seconds doesn't do this moment justice. 

"The kitty wants to pet the bird," @katherinekenyon1 pointed out. LOL--that is what it looks like! Corey put all suspicion to rest with an explanation, though now we're not sure which story we like better. "They are friends, if you watch closely he was just playing with her tail 😂." 

Clearly, we'll need to see this duo in some of Corey and Calypso's future videos! Until then, though, we'll have to make due with her TikTok dances.

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